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Autumn, the best season to enjoy culture and food!

The autumn tourist season has arrived! Why not visit the Tamana Region in northern Kumamoto to learn its history and enjoy the harvest season? Blessed with fertile land and a long history, Tamana offers unique experiences.

  • Renge-in Tanjo-ji Okuno-in Temple
  • Hikino Shrine
  • Creative Japanese Cuisine Dining Zen
  • Toen
  • Hands-on orange harvesting

Hands-on orange harvesting

Orange harvest and farmhouse meal" is one of the Shun-Tama Week programs. Shun-Tama Week is held between November 6 (Sun) and 13 (Sun). You can harvest oranges at the farm of Mr. Okubo, who owns a 7-hectare orange field in the orange-producing town of Tensui-machi, Tamana, and ships out 150 tons of oranges every year. The view from the orange field on the mountain slope is spectacular. Enjoy harvesting of delicious oranges surrounded by their fresh aroma. After the harvest, you can also try things unique to this program, such as sorting, selecting, and packaging the oranges. Finally, you can enjoy a lunch of rice cooked with orange juice and charcoal-grilled saury. This farmhouse meal is sure to taste special after your hard work!

Hands-on orange harvesting

What is Shun-Tama Week?

Shun-Tama Week is held until November 13 (Sun). It is a hands-on program that lets you feel the seasonal specialties of Tamana, from nature's blessings and people's lives to culture and traditions. This 4th edition is full of seasonal experiences such as the orange harvest and clam digging. In addition to scheduled programs, there are programs for you to participate in any day you choose. Please make reservations to suit your schedule.

Contact:Tamana City Chamber of Commerce and Industry  
TEL 0968-57-0323


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Hikino Shrine

Hikino Shrine is said to have already had a majestic building where worshippers gathered when Emperor Keiko paid a visit to the Tsukushi Region in 88 AD. The shrine is dedicated to Hahiki-no-Kami, the god that appears in "Kojiki" (Records of Ancient Matters).It is one of the "shikinai-sha," shrines which were officially recognized by the Imperial Court in the Heian era (early 10th century), and is considered a very precious shrine in Kumamoto. The current majestic shrine building was constructed by the lord Tsunatoshi Hosokawa in 1691, during the early Edo era. The lofty Ichi-no-Torii gate is the largest Torii gate in Kumamoto. The burial mound of Hikino Choja who discovered Tamana hot spring is located inside the precincts, and many visitors come to pray for matchmaking, prosperous business, and good luck. The famous autumn festival takes place on October 15 (Sat), where the ceremonial march and archery are performed. As the autumn progresses, the precinct turns red thanks to the magnificent autumn leaves.


Address 457 Ristuganji, Tamana City
TEL 0968-72-2917
Opening hours 8:00~17:00
Parking space Available
Ichi-no-Torii gate Small Torii gate Shrine building Choja Spring

Renge-in Tanjo-ji Okuno-in Temple

Located on the mountainside of Mt. Shodai, this temple was built in 1978 as Okuno-in, the inner temple, of Renge-in Tanjo-ji Temple (in Tsuiji, Tamana), Kyushu's head temple of the Shingon-Viyana School which venerates Maha-Bodhisattva Koen from Tamana. It was first built for monks who trained to make people's wishes come true and those who wanted to become monks. Currently, about 300,000 people visit the temple every year to pray for their greatest wish and for protection against evil. You can walk around the precincts to enjoy seasonal flowers and autumn leaves (late November), pray at Hiryu-no-kane bell, the world's largest bell, and experience sutra copying and Ajikan (meditation) at the five-story pagoda. The customary ring-entering ceremony for Yokozuna (grand champion sumo wrestlers) takes place during the Okuno-in Anniversary Festival on November 3 (Thu).


Address 1512-77, Tsuiji, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto7
TEL 0968-74-3533
Opening hours 9:00~17:00(Last admission 16:30)
Parking space Available
Bonsho bell Sutra copying Ajikan (meditation) Maha-Bodhisattva Koen Evil-repelling plate-throwing spot

Creative Japanese Cuisine Dining Zen

Enjoy a cozy atmosphere as you dine on dishes made of local ingredients, cooked by the owner, Mr. Makoto Morii, who honed his skills in a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. 80–90% of the ingredients used are from Kumamoto. They are all organic and natural, and the restaurant owner visits the farms to check their safety. At the restaurant, information on the producer of each ingredient used on that day is written on the blackboard. Mr. Morii is one of the organizers of "Tamana's Kizuna Dishes," a food initiative in Tamana, and always offers unique dishes. The central ingredient this autumn is eggplant. Why not delight in this seasonal food with tomato gratin with Tamana eggplant, foie gras, and duck meat? It features eggplant cooked with tomatoes from Tamana and duck meat from France?

What is Tamana's Kizuna Dishes? Tomato gratin with Tamana eggplant, foie gras, and duck meat Creative Japanese Cuisine Dining Zen
Creative Japanese Cuisine Dining Zen 。 Informations
Address 1591-8, Naka, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
TEL 0968-74-2898
Opening hours 11:30~14:30(OS13:30)
Closing days Sunday
Parking space Available


Tamana's most popular food is Tamana Ramen. It is said to be the root of Kumamoto Ramen and is characterized by rich pork-broth soup, medium-sized noodles, and garlic chips. Established in 1963, Toen is one of the long-established Tamana Ramen restaurants. Both local customers and tourists come to seek the retro taste in this nostalgic restaurant. Its mild soup is boiled from pork feet and loin bones in a broad-brimmed pot. Each bowl comes with a satisfying 130 g of homemade noodles. The recipe changes depending on the season and weather. The staff will ask you whether you want to add roasted garlic chips, so you don't need to worry if you don't like the smell.

Toen Toen
Toen Informations
Address Hanegi, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
TEL 0968-72-2575
Opening hours 11:00~1:00
Closing days Tuesday
Parking space 3 spaces


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